Friday, May 6, 2011

Senior Show Exhibition

I apologize for no updates, it’s been what seems to be forever since I’ve blogged anything. With the senior exhibition, I’ve been busy with some issues with a game and so forth its been a mess so my blogging has been little to none.

BUT! With all that said and done, I’m proud to say tonight is the opening reception of the B.F.A. Exit show at 7 for the University of Tampa.

Here’s the layout of the place where most of my pieces are (a video is located by the entrance to the building):

I’m just thrilled to see it on display!

Below are my pieces from the show located in the gallery:


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Here is my final.

Video Step Process:

1# The sticks are glowed sticks, and I put them in a glass vase, and basically moved them all over the place.  (Surprised how well the sounds matched with the visual imagery)

2# Pretty much turned off and on the lights.

3# I added Koolaid Mix (Yes Koolaid Mix Purple/Red) for added effects. It doesn't show, for I decontextualized the whole movie.

4# The Background noise is from a glass cup with mixed levels of water, and I chimed it with a spoon.

5# Also the flushing sounds (with echo) is the glass cup submerging itself in a rapid motion in a sink filled with water (Think like a plunger)

6# The Static sounds is me turning on the shower and turning it off.

7# Finally for visual effect, I decontextualized the image and basically changed the pixel contrast to destort it. (In other words, I used saturation, contrast, and exposure features)

8# All sounds were edited and rearranged in Garage Band.

9# Finally I used imovie to arrange the visual content, edit the piece, add music, and put the images together.

Thanks, I hope you all enjoyed the project.

Finally once again, I wish you all a great holiday and take care :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Final Thoughts

To my professor Santiago, and to the students of Art and technology

Well I must say that I really enjoyed the Art and Technology class. I learned alot about abrstract art, the Dada movement, and how to really tell what's art and what's a performance. I will indeed miss this class, but I would like to thank all the students and my professor in this class. I enjoyed all your works, teachings, critiques, and overall compassion for one another.

I admire and praise how the University of Tampa has very nice, polite, hard working, and talented students. Everyone is treated as a person who can succeed and never be a failure.

Thank you all for showing those attributes and for being an overall joy this year.

Good luck to you all, and have a safe and joyous holiday :)

TV Performance: Final Project

Added another post, so project would be displayed first in listings. All information is up there ^

Hope you enjoy the project :)

It is labeled VIDEO ART

Jim Campbell

Wow! Jim Campbells black and white photography was indeed very creative and inspiring.

Makes me want to use the pin hole cameras again :).

What really amazed me was the timing of the shutter speed and possible aperature values that caused the shadows and light speed, which causes blurs in motion images. I really liked how he was able to move fast enough with the camera to capture the blurry motion and be able to trasmit it on film.

Marvelous work. I also like his overlaying technique, like the photos we saw in class of the black and white pictures smashed together of different locations and pictures, and how only a lamp could be seen. Could be the same for the colored photo overlay of the wzard of Oz.

I was also impressed by Jims LED monitors which captured movement, and basically created a shadow over the lights. It was indeed interesting that with some minor electronic capability and a bunch of lights, that the power of the LED can use so much electricity to create this.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pipilotti Rist

I think I missed class on this day :(

Anyhow I went looking online for more information about her and got into sites of her performances. I was real surpised by her reflectivity of the performances. Meaning, how much energy and abstract passion she has. I will admit some of the material may be a little too centered and raw, but thats art my friend.

 Anyway I admire the her bold and power statement, maybe not her direct attention to feministic values, but many of her styles show a kind of persuasion of antinorm and broad aspects of color, which I admire. Like her work in Homo Sapiens Sapiens, a  popular video installation in varied art gallerys.

My favorite prints will have to be the flowers and her screen shots ("Pour you body out"),

that show a fast blur image and facial prints. Anyway, great way to view onself as an avertisment similiartity but actually an art, like in New York.

 Anyway, after viewing her work, I will admit that she has a good stand out to performance art and possible very good in sending emotional abstract messages. One day prehaps, I wish to venture to New York and other countries to see her work and varies of other artists.

Friday, December 3, 2010