Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jim Campbell

Wow! Jim Campbells black and white photography was indeed very creative and inspiring.

Makes me want to use the pin hole cameras again :).

What really amazed me was the timing of the shutter speed and possible aperature values that caused the shadows and light speed, which causes blurs in motion images. I really liked how he was able to move fast enough with the camera to capture the blurry motion and be able to trasmit it on film.

Marvelous work. I also like his overlaying technique, like the photos we saw in class of the black and white pictures smashed together of different locations and pictures, and how only a lamp could be seen. Could be the same for the colored photo overlay of the wzard of Oz.

I was also impressed by Jims LED monitors which captured movement, and basically created a shadow over the lights. It was indeed interesting that with some minor electronic capability and a bunch of lights, that the power of the LED can use so much electricity to create this.

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