Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pipilotti Rist

I think I missed class on this day :(

Anyhow I went looking online for more information about her and got into sites of her performances. I was real surpised by her reflectivity of the performances. Meaning, how much energy and abstract passion she has. I will admit some of the material may be a little too centered and raw, but thats art my friend.

 Anyway I admire the her bold and power statement, maybe not her direct attention to feministic values, but many of her styles show a kind of persuasion of antinorm and broad aspects of color, which I admire. Like her work in Homo Sapiens Sapiens, a  popular video installation in varied art gallerys.

My favorite prints will have to be the flowers and her screen shots ("Pour you body out"),

that show a fast blur image and facial prints. Anyway, great way to view onself as an avertisment similiartity but actually an art, like in New York.

 Anyway, after viewing her work, I will admit that she has a good stand out to performance art and possible very good in sending emotional abstract messages. One day prehaps, I wish to venture to New York and other countries to see her work and varies of other artists.

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