Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Here is my final.

Video Step Process:

1# The sticks are glowed sticks, and I put them in a glass vase, and basically moved them all over the place.  (Surprised how well the sounds matched with the visual imagery)

2# Pretty much turned off and on the lights.

3# I added Koolaid Mix (Yes Koolaid Mix Purple/Red) for added effects. It doesn't show, for I decontextualized the whole movie.

4# The Background noise is from a glass cup with mixed levels of water, and I chimed it with a spoon.

5# Also the flushing sounds (with echo) is the glass cup submerging itself in a rapid motion in a sink filled with water (Think like a plunger)

6# The Static sounds is me turning on the shower and turning it off.

7# Finally for visual effect, I decontextualized the image and basically changed the pixel contrast to destort it. (In other words, I used saturation, contrast, and exposure features)

8# All sounds were edited and rearranged in Garage Band.

9# Finally I used imovie to arrange the visual content, edit the piece, add music, and put the images together.

Thanks, I hope you all enjoyed the project.

Finally once again, I wish you all a great holiday and take care :)


  1. The effects came across so interesting. I really liked how the whole thing came together. I like that you described your process! I never would have thought to use coolaid mix in a video art piece!

  2. The filters you used were amazing, as well as the color choice. Everything just popped! The audio you made were crazy. I really thought it was a plunger! Tricky tricky!

  3. The glow sticks mixed with video filters gave an interesting effect. I also enjoyed the audio that you made from the cups and water. Very very good.

  4. Well done with the glowsticks. I liked the visuals that they produced but it wouldn't have been nearly as good if you didn't include the audio file that you created. Well done.

  5. music music music. i love music made from "household items" or what have you. yay. the visuals went well with it; i really like what you did with the effects.

  6. the effects used to create your video work very well with the audio you were able to create. I was so surprised when i saw u used glow sticks, its weird how we had the same exact idea. I really enjoyed your video and what u were able to do with the glow sticks.

  7. You used the camera’s exposure limitations to create a beautiful and disturbing "video -painting". I love the visual elements; however, the soundscape you create is the best part.

    Great job.