Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Here is my final.

Video Step Process:

1# The sticks are glowed sticks, and I put them in a glass vase, and basically moved them all over the place.  (Surprised how well the sounds matched with the visual imagery)

2# Pretty much turned off and on the lights.

3# I added Koolaid Mix (Yes Koolaid Mix Purple/Red) for added effects. It doesn't show, for I decontextualized the whole movie.

4# The Background noise is from a glass cup with mixed levels of water, and I chimed it with a spoon.

5# Also the flushing sounds (with echo) is the glass cup submerging itself in a rapid motion in a sink filled with water (Think like a plunger)

6# The Static sounds is me turning on the shower and turning it off.

7# Finally for visual effect, I decontextualized the image and basically changed the pixel contrast to destort it. (In other words, I used saturation, contrast, and exposure features)

8# All sounds were edited and rearranged in Garage Band.

9# Finally I used imovie to arrange the visual content, edit the piece, add music, and put the images together.

Thanks, I hope you all enjoyed the project.

Finally once again, I wish you all a great holiday and take care :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Final Thoughts

To my professor Santiago, and to the students of Art and technology

Well I must say that I really enjoyed the Art and Technology class. I learned alot about abrstract art, the Dada movement, and how to really tell what's art and what's a performance. I will indeed miss this class, but I would like to thank all the students and my professor in this class. I enjoyed all your works, teachings, critiques, and overall compassion for one another.

I admire and praise how the University of Tampa has very nice, polite, hard working, and talented students. Everyone is treated as a person who can succeed and never be a failure.

Thank you all for showing those attributes and for being an overall joy this year.

Good luck to you all, and have a safe and joyous holiday :)

TV Performance: Final Project

Added another post, so project would be displayed first in listings. All information is up there ^

Hope you enjoy the project :)

It is labeled VIDEO ART

Jim Campbell

Wow! Jim Campbells black and white photography was indeed very creative and inspiring.

Makes me want to use the pin hole cameras again :).

What really amazed me was the timing of the shutter speed and possible aperature values that caused the shadows and light speed, which causes blurs in motion images. I really liked how he was able to move fast enough with the camera to capture the blurry motion and be able to trasmit it on film.

Marvelous work. I also like his overlaying technique, like the photos we saw in class of the black and white pictures smashed together of different locations and pictures, and how only a lamp could be seen. Could be the same for the colored photo overlay of the wzard of Oz.

I was also impressed by Jims LED monitors which captured movement, and basically created a shadow over the lights. It was indeed interesting that with some minor electronic capability and a bunch of lights, that the power of the LED can use so much electricity to create this.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pipilotti Rist

I think I missed class on this day :(

Anyhow I went looking online for more information about her and got into sites of her performances. I was real surpised by her reflectivity of the performances. Meaning, how much energy and abstract passion she has. I will admit some of the material may be a little too centered and raw, but thats art my friend.

 Anyway I admire the her bold and power statement, maybe not her direct attention to feministic values, but many of her styles show a kind of persuasion of antinorm and broad aspects of color, which I admire. Like her work in Homo Sapiens Sapiens, a  popular video installation in varied art gallerys.

My favorite prints will have to be the flowers and her screen shots ("Pour you body out"),

that show a fast blur image and facial prints. Anyway, great way to view onself as an avertisment similiartity but actually an art, like in New York.

 Anyway, after viewing her work, I will admit that she has a good stand out to performance art and possible very good in sending emotional abstract messages. One day prehaps, I wish to venture to New York and other countries to see her work and varies of other artists.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Performance Piece: BE GREEN, BE TRASH (Better Quality)

Here is my performance piece in slightly better quality. Had aproblem with loading times.

What is it about Performance Art, that makes it a performance, yet also an art?

It can be justified that art is in the eye of the beholder, but when art is presentated based on an act. It can be argued since the performance is not really abstract but a learning experience practiced by many people. It is not your own creation, nor is it a purely imaginative form.

The main performance I see is the Mime. Yes it is abstract and the performer creates imagination instinct, however it is not raw and free flow, that gives a form of emotional expression. A guy dressed like a prisioner in white and black stripes does not really hold taste.

Don't get me wrong, I do like Mimes and think it is a good skill for a performer, but as a performing artist, it has to be unique. In class, it took me awhile to get actually the real meaning behing performance art, until my professor Santiago showed us various clips of people doing random things.

Oh, that reminds me. performance art needs an audience in mixed reactions. Not just positive or negative, but as a scandal (like Santi says). Something the audience is surprised about and is not considered NORMAL. Performers are normal because the act is done over and over again. All are different but all are similar. Performance art is you. Your own act, your own performance, created entirely by you.

It can be based of others ideas but not their routine and performance. It is all about you. You make it up as you go, no rules.

"Sorry Bucko your not a performance art. Still you are better than a clown though in my taste :)"
               (Brutus, of the Ohio Buckeyes, Columbus Ohio, copyright Ohio State University)

Vienna Aktionists

Now I can't really understand how gore and mutulation of people eating, causing pain, or going to the bathroom in severe unique ways (Tried to say it nicely) is considered art.

However like Dada, art is a revolution to new beginnings and imaginations of what artists want to unleash. The Vienna Aktionists movement was just extreme in those methods.

I did catch a glimpse of the site Santi gave us and was planning on going into further exploring it, but after I caught a glimpse of the man eating and throwing up. I had a little too much.

That feeling to me gave a unique insight to art. If we detest something, thinking it is inhumane, disgusting, or down right insane. Are we to judge these people as artists or a group of severe disorders.

Reason I ask, is because of our culture values are constantly changing, yet we still rely on DADA as well as the many contemporary, renaissance, and romantic artists. This comes down to my beginning post Art to me is in the eyes of beholder and if the artist shows emotional methodogy to it, it to me is art.

Musique Concrete / Electronic Music / Jungle Music /Techno Music

Musique Concrete was one that focused on exploring  natural/ambience sounds.
Follows like Robert Moog, invented synthesizers that tested music in forms of bits/bytes and allow turning of dials and knobs to create different sounds. This was a future form of electronic music, like Leon thermin made an invention named after himself, the theremin, which used oscillators and attenas that controlled movement of sound. No need to play a keyboard or touch the device. Wavelentghs and energy coming from the device measured the flow of sound by waving the hand. This instrument was a prime example of the future of electronic music.

During the mid to late 1900's, many riots like the ones in detroit were introduced. Mainly based on segregation and bias towards civil rights. A cult following of warehouse music was developed that referenced to electronic music, but create the rave, a hip hop/bebop type music that cause simulatanous rythmns and beats. This was a relief for many Americans and Europeans, who had stress and work. The rave/warehouse music was a stress relief, however drugs were introduced to create a better relief and a high for complete freedom and release.

Drugs became a big problem for both Americans and Europeans during the rave phase. However the difference between both groups is that americans used this electronic music as a release, Europeans used it for an art. This created jungle music, which was effects fo drugs, but a devlopment was maded to create various abstract music techniques. This created the DJ (Disk Jockey), that would tableturn, twist, and reel records.

As time went by the fusion of warehouse and electronic music created techno music, which was developed in the late 70's, early 80's, 90's time. techno music used synthesizers mixed with electronic keyboards, and regular acoustic instruments to create abstract sounds. It is often a mix of bebop, hip op, and early devlopment of rock and roll.

Butoh Dance

The butoh dance was a oriental japanese dance that reflected emotions of the war of Hiroshima and other emotional memories. When seeing this in class, I came to realize the beauty of the dance, the dark emotions that seem to plague the viewers of the dance. Very creative, abstract, and meaningful to the fulliest.

You have to admire the pale makeups, the blues, reds, whites, blacks, etc. It was indeed an interesting experence watching the dance in class. You have to admire the strength, technique, and chorography used to make these dances.

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp a very vivid DADA artist. I really don't understand a how in the world a urninal is a piece of art, but who knew? Or you can paint a mustache on a copied print of Leonardo Davincis Mona Lisa.  I am amazed by his scandals and DADAs overall of how the artists try to reform art. Since the World War, art has always been opaque in classical, romantic, renassiance, and buroque meanings and never experimental to something otuside the box. Now that DADA has rised up and took a stand to rebel the meaning of art. It has open doors to the meaning "Art is in the eye of the beholder" , and that anyone can create art.

Yves Klein

Yves Kleins work was indeed interesting. I first saw the inkblot like pictures (really I thought they were ink blots) and though they were to pregnant females standing back to back. I had no idea it was of a single female revealing her frontal naked area.

I have to admire his use of blue in his paintings. The blue imprints really add a interesting texture.

Orlan: "le tiers instruit"

Orlan is indeed an interesting artist. Amazing of how she making plastic surgery into an art piece. Broadcasting the surgery and reciting literature writings. Her work is indeed amazing. I love how she used her portraits of herself into other humanistic forms. I may not be too keen of some of her more powerful works of being more organic, but still. I admire how she wanted a complex surgery to make herself a sculpture with the horns and be able to do abstract sculptures, paintings, and vocal pieces.

Her book is quoting references to transformation and becoming something new. This act is occuring while she undergoing surgery.

Klaus Nomi

Now this artist was something special. When I first saw him and Leigh Bowery, I just thought of a duo pair of costume performers. Boy was I wrong!  Leigh Bowery and Klaus Nomi were different because of their uniqueness. Leigh Bowery did stunts and did crossdressing skits to represent freedom of expressing one self, and to reveal what is going on with the homosexual community.

Klaus Nomi however was the same in performing with different unique clothing, but his talent lied with hm singing. He was a perfect opera singer.  Not only did he preform perfectly with his voice but the abstract costumes with mime like makeup, added a unique form to him. When I saw his performance on the documentary,  it gave me a feeling of two different personalitys in art appearance and art voice. This probably wouldn't match well with the norms, but added applause for the arts.

It was sad however that he kept secret of being HIV positive and later dying from it, but with his efforts, along with Leigh Bowery. They added hope and embrace to the multisexual communities in being aware of what is going on and be not afraid to express it.


Stelarc believes that technology is an extension of the human body today, and that they human body is becoming more and more machine than every before.  6 million dollar man here we come!

I was also amazed by his performances with flesh hook suspension. I have seen it before , but the way Stelarc adds power to it, with the rock weights, this adds more abstraction to the piece.

Amazing! Stelarc using the power of the fluids in his body to allow the hand to write, not perfect but still "Evolution" The Ear in the arm was a little freaky, especially it being home grown in his arm, but with the experiments of gene splicing, plastic surgery, and transplants, who knows. I am amazed by the risk he used to put the ear in his arm, and how it actually affects his body somewhat.

I am also amazed by the spider like stands that Stelar controls. Like the arm uses fluid or humanistic body functions to move and operate.

To sum up, his work is indeed something to see, ravel, and invision for human technology and futuristic art expression. Interesting how the movies already thought of it and are using it in their films. With the power of evolution, maybe we wil have our own Surrogates or little Wally's to control. We should explore the possible this could benefit science and medicine but also be weary of how technology can become a obession and possible a disastor like in the movies Surrogates and Wally.

Gilbert and George

I was amazed by the performance of Gilbert and George from the short documentary we saw in class. I am not sure if it was because of their age or their passionate ability of expression. The dances, music, and sculpture pieces displaying the two were fabulous.

 I really enjoyed the singing sculpture. Very ingenius of using kenitic motion and ryhtmn with a little touch of metallic powder to renact the Tinman or Robot motions. I also admired how Gilbert and George work well together since they are of different origin. George from England and Gilbert from Italy. Amazing how the pai came close and bonded to perform in the arts. 

I really like the portraits I've seen in class and online of Gilbert/George displaying the wonders of a free life with expression. You have to admire the bright colors in foreground/backgrounds in their art works.  

Alot of their pictures I envison could be stain glass in a chapel or some mystical place in the near future. I am amazed also by the serious and humorous attitude approach the duo use. It works well in their performances. I hope to someday see them live.

Joseph Beuys

I really admired this guy for his passion of being who he is within the time of the 2nd World War. Changing himself from the praising experience of an evil tyrant during Hitler Youth, to his field activities within the war front, to finally becoming an artist.

I never heard of Joseph Beuys, but am interested in his emotional persona for the art. His fabric sculpture of the piano was amzing in detail of his emotional experience of the war and an abstraction of art. 

Leigh Bowery

A performance artist famous for his makeup, performances, and cross dressing routines. When watching the documentary in Santiagos class, I was amazed by the power he holds in his performances.  The power of persuasion he used as an artist to display wonderful talent in bold acts and be not ashamed.

Though I question his stunts, like flying on a cord and accidental going through a pane glass window naked and cutting himself up. Still I admire how Leigh Bowery as an artist is abstract in everything he does and tries to show a stand against the opposition of the norm. He did reveal a lot of charisma to the homosexuals to be themselves by his abstract cross dressing and give unique sense overall to have fun and express who you are.

With his poka-dotted makeup and costume, it was an example of bringing out the fear of Hiv and Aids into an artistic expression that shows the world not to hide the disease but express it and live on with your life.